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Simple America 2

Over the last couple of weeks as I devised my social media strategy I knew I would need to create a channel name for YouTube. I did not want the firm name used in the channel as that could limit me on certain topics and I would have to be cautious that I did not violate any CPA ethics rules. I may want to cover some non accounting topics and I do not want to have to set up several channels.

Finally, the idea came to me last night. As I reminisced about my old Simple America blog, it hit me. The Simple America Channel. I always liked that name and being called Simple American or S A by my fellow bloggers. And really this name helps to establish what I want to cover on my videos. Making American taxes and bookkeeping  easier to understand for businesses and individuals is my goal. And every now and then I may spout off about other American topics of the day. I am very happy this came to me. Hoping that my future followers can benefit from my compositions as well.

What Is Happening Here

So what is happening here? Allow me to tell you. I have decided to increase my social media presence for my CPA business. The purpose is so I can talk to more people. In the past I have tried direct mailings which have not been that successful. Since 2005, one person responded to a direct mailing, one person responded to a magazine ad I ran for a year in a monthly local business journal, and this year I had my first client find me on Google. The rest of my client base has been generated through word of mouth referrals.

Since word of mouth has proven to be the best method for finding clients, it seems logical that social media is where I should go to find more prospects. With this in mind I need to find reasons for folks to come here and chat. The goal of those chats are to acquire clients that are willing to pay for my services. So the first thing  a chat needs is a subject and that subject needs to be a topic in which I possess knowledge.

Once upon a time I traveled to a gaming convention, called Origins. This convention draws a lot of new companies and new games looking for a company. Knowing this I presented a seminar on how to start a business in the gaming industry. This event had a good attendance and the attendees were enthusiastic, asking many questions.

The feeling I had at Origins is what I want to achieve here. I plan on preparing video presentations that shall be offered on several social media channels. My hope is that I can answer questions and help people start their businesses. Most likely, I intend to initiate this series with a talk on gaming industry company start ups. From there I can chat about hotels and restaurants, as that is where my accounting career began. One little secret, a lot of things I discuss in these businesses apply in many other businesses. My hope is that readers take advantage of the chance to ask questions. I want this to be a community where folks can ask questions and find an answer. And let me write that the answer does not have to come from me. The whole purpose of social media is to be a community and a healthy community has a conversation that allows any community member to participate.

Other topics that I intend to present are on QuickBooks and taxes. One of the first tax topics is going to be on rental properties. Presently, I have a lot of clients that are reporting rental properties on their taxes. Thought it might not be a bad idea to talk about rental properties, as so many people are taking advantage of the low home costs to purchase homes with an eye on renting them out.

That is what I intend to have happening here. But as I wrote earlier this is a community and the community can make requests. So with that written, are their any requests out there? I look forward to interacting with all of you readers and eventually, viewers.

Individual Taxes Due

Just a friendly reminder that individual taxes are due soon. Most years tomorrow, Friday, April 15th would be the due date for individual taxes. Fortunately for all Americans, the District of Columbia, is celebrating Emancipation Day and the IRS has ruled that individual tax deadline is Monday, April 18th, 2016. So take advantage of the extra days and get your taxes filed on time.

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