Simple America Channel

Simple America 2

Over the last couple of weeks as I devised my social media strategy I knew I would need to create a channel name for YouTube. I did not want the firm name used in the channel as that could limit me on certain topics and I would have to be cautious that I did not violate any CPA ethics rules. I may want to cover some non accounting topics and I do not want to have to set up several channels.

Finally, the idea came to me last night. As I reminisced about my old Simple America blog, it hit me. The Simple America Channel. I always liked that name and being called Simple American or S A by my fellow bloggers. And really this name helps to establish what I want to cover on my videos. Making American taxes and bookkeeping  easier to understand for businesses and individuals is my goal. And every now and then I may spout off about other American topics of the day. I am very happy this came to me. Hoping that my future followers can benefit from my compositions as well.

Individual Taxes Due

Just a friendly reminder that individual taxes are due soon. Most years tomorrow, Friday, April 15th would be the due date for individual taxes. Fortunately for all Americans, the District of Columbia, is celebrating Emancipation Day and the IRS has ruled that individual tax deadline is Monday, April 18th, 2016. So take advantage of the extra days and get your taxes filed on time.

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