Gerald can help you set up QuickBooks in order to track your profitability. The client provides the data and Gerald enters the information and balances the books. Once all the information is entered and balanced, Gerald provides reports for the owner to analyze how well his or her business is performing. This also helps the business prepare for tax reporting at local, state, and federal levels.

Rental Properties

Rental properties are a great source of passive income. But it is important that good records are maintained to pay the lowest tax possible and avoid penalties for overstating expenses or understating revenue. Gerald aims get the property’s books in order so that the owner can focus on the bottom line. He can help you set up QuickBooks, Quicken, or Microsoft Excel to keep track of rental properties. Come tax time the rental property owner will have all of their information ready to complete Form 1040 Schedule E.


Gerald uses Drake Software to prepare income taxes at the federal and state levels. He can prepare taxes for individuals and a wide variety of business entities. All taxes can be efiled and Gerald does his best to implement strategies that avoid future taxes.